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Disabled Transportation

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Our wheelchair transportation service ensures a smooth and comfortable journey for individuals with mobility challenges. Whether you need a ride to a medical appointment, adult daycare, or any other destination, our wheelchair-accessible vehicles are designed to cater to your needs.

Stretcher Transportation

For patients requiring stretcher transportation, we provide reliable and professional services. Our vehicles are equipped to handle non-emergency stretcher transportation, ensuring safe and comfortable transfers to healthcare facilities or medical appointments.


Fast and Friendly Wheelchair Transportation for the Handicapped Community

Fast and friendly, we offer professional stretcher and wheelchair transportation services. Our team is up for any handicapped transport job, from big to small. We cater to the disabled community. Don't hesitate to call for wheelchair transportation.

Phone: 813-924-8156

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Discharge Stretcher Transportation

Our discharge stretcher transportation service is ideal for patients being discharged from hospitals. We offer prompt and secure transportation, ensuring a smooth transition from the hospital to your home or another healthcare facility.

Discharge Wheelchair Transportation

Our discharge wheelchair transportation service helps patients leaving hospitals get home safely and comfortably. We ensure timely and reliable service, catering to your specific needs during the discharge process.

Doctor Wheelchair Transportation

Need transportation to a medical appointment? Our doctor wheelchair transportation service ensures you arrive on time and safely. We cater to various medical treatments, including radiology and dialysis, with our wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

NEMT Transportation

Our non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) services provide a reliable solution for individuals needing transportation to and from healthcare facilities, rehabilitation centers, and medical appointments. We offer door-to-door service, ensuring you receive the care and support you need.


At All American Health, we offer quality corporate and private handicap transport coordination across the entire country. We know that in today’s world, time is money.

Services we provide: ​

  • Hospital discharges

  • Doctors appointments

  • Medical treatments like radiology and dialysis

  • Out-patient post-surgery transportation

  • Adult Daycare

  • To and from rehabilitation facilities

  • To and from healthcare facilities

  • Door to door service if required

  • Stair assist transport

  • Group outings

  • Pediatric and special needs

  • Airport Service

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Robbie White

“I highly recommend All American Health if you are looking for polite, professional drivers who will get you to wherever you have to go safely. If you are looking for great service you’ve come to the right place.”

25th August, 2021

Avery Smith

“I give All American Health two thumbs up. If you are looking for an honest, professional and reliable Transport Service, I highly recommend All American Health and the team of experienced and professional drivers they work with.”

19th July, 2021

Skyler Adelson

“A quick google search landed me with All American Health and I couldn’t have been luckier. They were fast, friendly and super professional. I know that I will be contacting them the next time I need a ride.”

06th May, 2021

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Contact All American Health and let us be your transportation professionals.

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