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Tampa Theatre: A Historic Venue with Wheelchair Accessibility for John Crist's Performance

Tampa Theatre, located at 711 N Franklin St, Tampa, FL 33602, is a historic gem nestled in the heart of downtown Tampa. This beautiful landmark has been entertaining audiences for nearly a century, and its charm and elegance continue to captivate visitors from all walks of life. With a rich history, stunning architecture, and a diverse lineup of events, Tampa Theatre is a must-visit destination for anyone in the area.

This weekend, from May 6th to May 11th, 2023, Tampa Theatre is proud to present the highly anticipated John Crist performance. Known for his humorous observations and relatable anecdotes, Crist has been making audiences laugh across the nation, and now it's Tampa's turn to experience his comedic genius. As you prepare for a night of laughter and entertainment, it's essential to know that Tampa Theatre is committed to providing an accessible and enjoyable experience for all its patrons, including those with mobility challenges.

Wheelchair Accessibility at Tampa Theatre

Tampa Theatre recognizes the importance of accommodating all guests and has made significant efforts to ensure that its facilities are wheelchair accessible. Patrons using wheelchairs can access the theatre through the main entrance on Franklin Street. Upon entering, you'll find an elevator to the left of the lobby, which will take you to the auditorium's main level. This level offers a variety of wheelchair-accessible seating options to provide a comfortable and unobstructed view of the stage.

Additionally, Tampa Theatre offers accessible restrooms on both the main level and the mezzanine. The restrooms on the main level can be found near the elevator, while those on the mezzanine are situated near the stairwell. The theatre staff is always available to assist with any accessibility needs or concerns during your visit.

Planning Your Visit to Tampa Theatre

As you plan your trip to Tampa Theatre for the John Crist performance, make sure to visit their website at for more information on the venue, parking, and other accessibility services. The site offers a wealth of resources, including an event calendar, box office information, and details on upcoming performances. It is highly recommended that you purchase your tickets in advance to secure your desired seating, especially if you require wheelchair-accessible accommodations.

When it comes to parking, there are several nearby options to choose from. The closest parking garage is the William F. Poe Garage, located at 800 N Ashley Dr, just a short walk from the theatre. Additionally, there are numerous street parking spaces and surface lots in the surrounding area. It's a good idea to arrive early to secure a parking spot and allow ample time to navigate to the theatre.

A Memorable Experience at Tampa Theatre

Attending a performance at Tampa Theatre is more than just a night out; it's an unforgettable experience that combines the magic of live entertainment with the splendor of a historical venue. As you laugh along with John Crist's witty humor this weekend, take a moment to appreciate the theatre's commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, ensuring that all guests can enjoy the show.

Whether you're a local or a visitor to Tampa, a trip to Tampa Theatre is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the city's vibrant arts and culture scene. With its awe-inspiring architecture, diverse programming, and dedication to accessibility, Tampa Theatre truly offers something for everyone. Don't miss your chance to experience the laughter and excitement of John Crist's performance at this iconic venue. Get your tickets today and make lasting memories at Tampa Theatre!

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